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Mar 1st 2024 to Mar 3rd 2024

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Gamified Marketing Framework for Entrepreneurs


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Transformed over 6000+ Entrepreneurs by this
Zero Rupee Marketing Challenge

Are you running your Business only via Ads?
Do you have a System to Generate Organic Leads ??
  • ADS Only – Are you getting leads only via ads? What if the conversion cost or lead cost increase? Do you have a system to generate leads organically?


  • Marketing is an Expense – Most of us feel marketing is an expense. Even if we have money, we are always hesitant to invest in Marketing. If we don’t have enough money, then we will fail to market our Business. Ultimately, your revenue will never increase.

  • Marketing Road Map – There is no proper marketing roadmap for business. There is no Proven Plan for Cost-effective Marketing.

Who Needs

Zero Rupee Marketing Hack ?


Entrepreneurs who learn Zero Rupee Marketing have a huge edge over the ones who don’t understand the same. Grow and Scale Fast by implementing these Zero Marketing hacking strategies.


Acquiring More Customers for your startup is a cakewalk if you understand Zero Rupee Marketing hacking. Boost your knowledge with these strategies and get ahead of everyone else.


If you think Zero Rupee Marketing principles apply only to large organizations, then you are wrong. You can use Zero Rupee Marketing to grow your small business really fast, if you know how to do it.

What will you Learn ?


Day 01

1. The Foundation of Zero Rupee Marketing
2. Content Plan - 365 days
3. Content Challenge
4. How to Dominate Social Media

Day 02

1. How to create an offer for your business?
2. What is a Landing Page?
3. Making money online using Sales Funnel & Lead Funnel
4. Drip Marketing - Whatsapp | Email | SMS | Voice Calls

Day 03

1. How to grow your customers using POWER Of Moments
2. THE Guerrilla Marketing
3. Lateral Thinking


Worth 9999/- for Free
1. The art of Modelling
2. AIDA Model
3. Target Market

Day 05

Landing Page Basics How to Sell Online How to build Offers Pricing Strategy.

Live Session : 7:00 AM

Day 06

Drip Marketing
Whatsapp Marketing Email Marketing MEME Marketing

Video Module – Learn at your Convenient Time

Day 07

Power of Moments Referral Marketing Moving Forward Marketing
Calendar Guerrilla Marketing

Live Session : 7:00 AM

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Hi, I am Sakthivel Pannerselvam – The Chief Surprise Ninja of the6.in – A Surprise Planning Company. I struggled to run my business because I didn’t have any basic knowledge of the business. I made so many mistakes & then I learnt marketing. I don’t want people to repeat the same mistakes. I am sharing my knowledge on how I implemented Zero Rupee Marketing & Guerrilla Marketing in my business.

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